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K.I.S. Shelving Unit


A Customizable, Universal, Cost-Effective, DIY Shelving prototype.

C:UsersmbarensfDocumentsKiss Project All Revit.pdf

A universal design ethos drives the K.I.S. Shelving Unit.  Inherent in the design are tenets of:

  • material efficiency
  • simplicity of design
  • adaptability and re-use
  • use of current production technology
  • customization within parameters (veneer ply type & size)
  • no attempt to pander to style
  • emphasis on object as structurally honest tool for living.

2 Step KIS

Design Process:

1.  User selects type of veneer plywood sheet (4’x8′ standard size)

Plywood2.  User inputs desired shelf dimensions and number into flexible model.  Parameters ensure that unit material is contained in 1 sheet of 4’x8′ plywood.

C:UsersmbarensfDocumentsKiss Project All Revit.pdf

3.  Parametric 3D model continuously updates output of 2D tool paths.

C:UsersmbarensfDocumentsKiss Project All Revit.pdf

4.  CNC Production of K.I.S. Unit.

7 Cutting

5.  End-user has customizable options (lasercut end panel etching).

6 Customizable

6.  Assembly of unit using pre-programmed, parametric, slotted joints utilizing no glue or fasteners (easy to disassemble / re-assemble).

Both Finished


Copyright Mary Barensfeld Architecture, Inc. 2017

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