K.I.S. Shelving Unit

 -  KEEP IT SIMPLE SHELVING UNIT  (K.I.S.) A Customizable, Universal, Cost-Effective, DIY Shelving prototype. A universal design ethos drives the K.I.S. Shelving Unit.  Inherent in the design are tenets of: material efficiency simplicity of design adaptability and re-use use of current production technology customization within parameters (veneer ply type & size) MORE

Dan Kiley’s Sarah Scaife Sculpture Court

 -  Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh PA The elfin behavior of Dan Kiley belies a vast trove of work generated by a complex mix of intuitive design and gridded modernism.  Kiley’s oeuvre; both forthright and elegant, rises to the forefront of landscape architecture.  This is visible not only through the shear MORE

That Which is Beautiful

 -  Whatever any one does or says, [I] must be good, just as if the gold, the emerald, or the purple were always saying this: Whatever any one does or says, [I] must be emerald and keep my colour. Everything which is in any way beautiful is beautiful in itself, and MORE