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1 Pitt Barensfeld

Run-On Farmhouse

Set amidst rolling meadows of Western PA farmland, this project consists of an addition and renovation to an existing single family residence on the outskirts of Pittsburgh PA. The additions seek to quote from the vernacular roof pitches and materials of the existing house while adding new elements of floor to ceiling window walls and modern interior detailing. Structural timber framing, using hand-hewn White Oak beams from an 1800s timber-framed cabin, articulates the new spaces in a way that recalls traditional vernacular barn framing. Grading is minimized to allow the meadow to meet the house. Executed in collaboration with YR Architecture + Design.  For additional information on the project’s use of reclaimed timber framing please peruse this MBA post.

12 Pitt Residence
13 Pitt Residence
2 Pitt Barensfeld

A collapsed neighboring cabin’s 200 year old white oak beams donate their venerable charisma and strength to the project as the main load-bearing structural members.

8 Pitt Residence
Timbers raised in the dining room pavilion.
10 Pitt Residence
Hope's window walls
9 Pitt Residence
3 Pitt Barensfeld
7 Pitt Residence
11 Pitt Residence
Checking beam spans.
5 Pitt Residence
Siding and hex sign on the property's bank barn.
4 Pitt Residence

(E) 5400 SF
(N) 2400 SF

Completion Date:
Fall 2016

Project Team:
Mary Barensfeld Architecture, Mary Barensfeld
YR Architecture + Design, Yvonne Riggie

Key Players:
Schneider Engineering
Apogee Engineering (MEP)
Lancaster County Timber Frames
Hope’s Windows
Xycom Technology Group
Eisler Landscapes


Palumbo Contracting
D’Angelo Construction

Massery Photography
Mary Barensfeld