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1 GreenRoof

Berkeley Aerie

In order to meet the owner’s request to leave the existing small bungalow intact, a new second unit crouches coyly behind it. The new structure cantilevers over the existing wood-framed Berkeley CA studio. A structural system of pre-fabricated moment-frames and structural steel elements, trucked to the hilly site, allow the structure to be erected with minimal grading and site disturbance. Anchored to the hillside by a bookcase-lined structural core, the home’s open plan living room provides dazzling views of San Francisco bay and the setting sun. Wood-framed, clad walls slide, shoji-screen-like, around the rear of the home, providing both privacy and lateral stability.

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3 Arlington Plan

Every building will have its own course of creation influenced by its bearing capacity and resistance, its economy, its construction site, and last but not least, a more or less pronounced aesthetic interpretation and presentation.     – the great Eduardo Torroja

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600 SF

Project Team:
Mary Barensfeld Architecture, Mary Barensfeld
Gloria Kim, AIA